Clean House Cleaning Tips

Activities to educate the family on how to clean the house more hygienic need to be improved. According to health practitioners, dr pritty, the public needs to be constantly reminded to maintain the health of the household, ranging from how to clean a simple house.

“People are aware that cleansing the foundation of healthy life but clean and hygienic has not become a habit, so people need to be reminded through various activities,” said dr pritty when contacted.

Extra attention to the kitchen

Dr. Pritty gives a general explanation of how to clean the house hygiene. When cleaning carpet cleaning Spokane , the kitchen needs extra attention because bacterial contamination occurs in this area. Especially when the family routinely move in the kitchen, or often cook to meet the needs of food every day.

“Cleaning the house can start from anywhere, family room, bedroom, but more attention to the kitchen, food processing, bacteria quickly spread on the kitchen floor, especially if the kitchen floor is damp or not dry,” he said.

In addition to the kitchen floor, including a table to process food in the kitchen, the kitchen sink is still in the kitchen area also needs to be considered clean.

“Always clean the sink after use, make sure there is no remaining food left to minimize the spread of bacteria from the kitchen to another room,” advises Dr. pritty.

Cleaning tool according to function

Also worth noting when cleaning the house is the selection and use of hygiene kits. Although often cleaned, if the cleaning tool is not right, the rest of the dirt is still attached to a number of cooking utensils or household appliances. If this happens, the bacteria move easily, either from one room to another inside the house, also moving from the cutlery or cookware into the body.

“Wrong use of hygiene kits, such as scrubbing a frying pan without being fouled with the wrong tools and cleaning it is not good to make cooking tools scratched.When cookware is scratched, chemicals and bacteria can stick and enter the body through food cooked in the device,” he explained.

Tableware can also be a medium for the spread of bacteria and chemicals. For example, if a plastic and melamine cutter is scratched because someone chooses a cleaning tool, germs can also stick to and enter the body when you use bacteria contaminated tableware.

Impacts arising from bacterial contamination are also chemicals, including the risk of diseases such as respiratory infections, skin infections (bacterial contamination) to liver dysfunction and cancer due to chemical contamination.

How to clean houses and household appliances, including hygienic tableware can reduce this risk. The key is to minimize the proliferation of germs in the household. In addition, of course, you and your family also need to maintain health by boosting the immune system so it is not easy to get this disease